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Classes resume Monday 8th
Important dates
(See Highland page for competition dates.)
4 NovemberTiny Tots Concert
6-8 December Annual Recital
7 December Term 4 ends

Tiny Tots Concert

Tiny Tots on stage

Over one hundred tiny tots aged three and four years performed at the Riverway Arts Centre on the 6th November to enthusiastic audiences. The day commenced at 10.00am and finished at 4.00pm with a total of five concerts. It was a delightful day for both students and their families. Thank you to the dancers who performed for the little ones and the Highland students who also showed off their skills.

For many of the Tiny Tots, their concert was their first on-stage performance.
The concert provides a Sunday afternoon of sheer entertainment, as our little tots dance for sheer joy.
They love to skip, point, twirl and bop their hearts outů.and even better are the smiles on the faces of parents and grandparents.

Annual Recital

The school year ends with our Annual Recital at the Townsville Civic Theatre. This is a major theatrical production, with professional set design, sound and lighting. It serves as a public showcase for the skills and talent of our students, which, in turn, are the product of the skills and talent of our teachers.

Recital Scene

In a typical year, approximately 600 students take part, representing all disciplines and grades, from 6 years old to seniors (our Tiny Tots have their own concert in October). Each year, our students benefit greatly from their involvement in "real" theatre, with all its discipline, protocol, traditions and stagecraft as well as the chance to perform before a large, public audience.

Video and photography are only allowed on "open days" and "display days," for examinations and eisteddfod/recital costume showing.

NO such videos or photographs are to be uploaded on to any social media.

It is against privacy and copyright laws to video or photograph children, other than your own, without the consent of the parent/guardian of the children involved.

Our "Kiss and Go" policy
Parents are not permitted to watch or attend classes with students unless specifically requested by the teacher. Having persons other than the teachers or students in the room can be very distracting and disruptive, particularly for younger grades.
The school provides parents and other family members with the opportunity to watch classes once a term at our Open Days.


Please be aware that if children are not collected on time at the end of class, they will be asked to wait upstairs, outside the office.
Parents/carers will be required to walk in to collect the child and notify the office that they are leaving.
Please do not call your child from the carpark area. It would be appreciated if you would explain to them the advantages of staying within the fenced area.
Please assist us with this to help keep our children safe.

Uniform shirts and jackets available!

All sizes available at main studio office.

Students, parents and carers are asked to be security-conscious, especially at night. All students should take their bags and belongings into the studio with them. They should not be left outside or in waiting areas. Valuable items should not be brought to class unless absolutely necessary.

Outer doors will be kept closed during class, especially after dark. If you need to pick up your child early, simply ring the studio number 4771 3385 and the teacher will answer and open up for you.

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Enrolments for 2018
Phone 4771 3385
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Notes for Tiny Tots, Kinder, Pre-Primary and Primary

If your child turns 5 before 1 January they will go into Kinder (see below).

Kinder, Pre-Primary and Primary

These grades offer classes in ballet, jazz , tap, highland or song and dance. You can do more than one discipline if you wish and if you want they can sit for exams in most of these styles. For Pre-Primary exams, the children go in with their teachers in groups of six to introduce the children to examinations for future years. Exams are generally held mid-year.

Do you want your competitors to study your choreography/music/costumes?

Ann Roberts Groups at the Townsville Eisteddfod

Senior Ballet Group

Many of our students have entered this year's Eisteddfod, competing in every age group in Modern, Tap, Ballet, National and Highland events.

The School also prepared 16 group entries.

The Eisteddfod experience combines the pressure of performing before a live (and critical!) audience with the need to show a high technical standard. It is extremely beneficial to a dancer's confidence.

Participation in groups builds the student's sense of teamwork and community spirit.

Junior Ballet Group

Kilties logos available!

You can have the Ann Roberts Kilties and/or Thistle logo embroidered on clothing or almost any fabric item! Just bring them in and we will have them done as soon as possible. The maximum cost is $13 per item.

5 Kilties

Kilties Overseas!

Since 2009 Ann Roberts' Kilties have been regularly selected to perform overseas with OzScot, the Australian Highland Dancing Team. They have represented Australia at the Edinburgh Tattoo and the Edinburgh Festival, the Netherlands Military Tattoo at Rotterdam, the Nova Scotia Tattoo, Basel Tattoo, Switzerland and at the special Sydney production of the Edinburgh Tattoo!

Nutcracker 2007

Ann Roberts Students Dance with the Russian Ballet!

Thirty of our best Classical dancers were invited to perform with the Imperial Russian Ballet Company while they were in Townsville!
The Company was touring Australia with their production of "The Nutcracker," dancing for sell-out audiences throughout the tour.

An extraordinary opportunity for our students to dance with a very professional international production!





First Class Dancewear


Moving ARTS



First Class Dancewear






Moving ARTS




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