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Ann Roberts Welcome to the Ann Roberts School of Dance.

Participation in classes at our school opens the doors to the world of dance, providing each student with strong technical and performance skills as well as enhancing their personal development – not forgetting the pleasure and enjoyment of friendships experienced by all during the course of the year.

The dance year at the studio consists of four terms. The school prepares students for exams, the Eisteddfod, community performances, open days and the Annual Recital at the end of the year. The main studio operates from Pirani Hall in Fletcher Street, with suburban studios operating in Railway Estate, Wulguru, Aitkenvale, Douglas and Heatley. We also offer creative movement in primary schools with our Moving ARTS programme. Our studio observes the principles of the Ausdance Code of Practice.



The school, founded in 1957 by Miss Ann Roberts AO, is now in the hands of daughter, Jane and her husband André Reynaud. The school evolves to reflect the changing world by offering the highest quality training in the most caring and fun filled environment for both the lover of dance and the aspiring professional.

The school is proud to say that many of its past students have pursued a career in the world of dance. To name a few, are Natalie Weir – Expressions Director and choreographer, Kurt Phelan – professional dancer, choreographer and actor, Tim Coleman – Singapore Ballet; Emmanuel Reynaud - Footnote Dance Company; and Joyce Munroe, Debbie Costigan, Debbie Clements, Alison Tierney, Ann Thurley, Lenore Nielsen, Kylie Ball, Lynelle Kertland and Jeanette Mulligan as teachers of dance.


The school aims to develop a solid technical basis in dance using internationally recognised syllabi. This also provides a firm foundation on which those with the ability and desire can build a career in dance.

It offers opportunities for students to extend their artistic qualities. Participation in public performances in the community is promoted, and a high standard is always produced for the Annual Recital. Involvement in competition is catered for through the Townsville Eisteddfod.

The teachers cultivate in each student a sense of self discipline and self confidence. Students are encouraged to succeed at a level consistent with their ability and to extend themselves by hard work and dedication.



Students at the school can learn the art of classical ballet, character, tap, jazz, contemporary, highland, song and dance, hip hop and fitness. All ages are catered for from tiny tots through to adults. Examination syllabi are taught in classical ballet and character with the Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D.), tap and jazz through the Australasian Dance Association (A.D.A), and highland through the National Dancing Association (NDA)


Teachers - Debbie O’Donnell, Jane Pirani, Kylie Ball, Melissa Prince, Alison Tierney, Deanne Townsend, Danielle King and Jessica Grasso, Lynda Tama.

Grace, strength, agility and the suspense of disbelief are synonymous with ballet. From a very young age children learn the secrets behind this unique technique and over the years they master a discipline that offers artistry, self esteem and the ability to work in a team. The school teaches the RAD syllabus, the most renowned global system.


Teachers - Alison Tierney, Ann Thurley, Kylie Ball, Penny O’Donnell and Jessica Grasso.

The body explores the potential to move every which way it can to popular music and funky beats. Jazz works flexibility and strength, dynamics and communication skills and allow the children to have incredible fun as they keep fit. The school teaches the Australasian Dance Association syllabus in Jazz and Tap.


Teachers - Jane Pirani, Jessica Grasso and Danielle King.

Contemporary truly prepares the body to move in any way possible. It trains the body to express imagery and thought and to be open about the way one moves. Children must be 8 to start and must do another style to assist with movement development. The contemporary taught here is based upon Cunningham and the Horton technique.


Teachers - Joyce Munroe, Ann Thurley, Kylie Ball and Chris Davis.


Let your feet become a percussion instrument and delight in the rhythmic coordination and tricky foot work that is a feature of tap. This technique is suitable for all ages and is very popular with our adult classes. Style and pizzazz will spring from every beat.


Teachers - Leone Savage and Amanda Lawson.

Highland Dancer

Highland dancing is a strong yet graceful national dance form that is performed to traditional and modern Scottish music. The school teaches the NDA syllabus for Scottish, Lesser Known and Jig/Hornpipe examinations. Children are able to register to compete in recognised SOBHD competitions, which develop through a levels system, commencing with Primary level for 4-year-olds.


Teachers - Janelle Croft.

The children learn how to pitch, project and perform both a song and a dance simultaneously. Technical instruction is offered to train the vocal development of the voice and how to move whilst singing. Essential for the aspiring pop star of tomorrow as it follows the mystique of the pop/video world.


Teachers - Jane Pirani, Danielle King, Melissa Prince, Jessica Grasso.

Recreation classes for adults are available in Tap, Jazz, Highland, and Ballet. Keep those feet moving, brains ticking and limbs graceful as you keep yourself active. The classes provide technical expertise in each discipline for dance and exercise lovers who also want to have fun.


Teacher - Jane Pirani.

Students enrolled in any style may also participate in Limber Stretch, a class completely dedicated to lengthening, stretching, strengthening and improving technique, using Pilates, Yoga and specifically designed exercises.


Teachers - Jessica Grasso, Lynda Tama, Ann Thurley, Melissa & Rohan Prince, Jamaiya Staub, Julia Braddick.

For 3 and 4 year-olds this class is created to encourage musicality, co-ordination and locomotion skills, listening and recall. It gently introduces technique through imaginative sequences and offers the children an array of styles. The class is structured to keep their attention, explore their own movement patterns and have fun as they learn how to be part of a class. The Tiny Tots have their own special concert in late October or early November.


Teachers - Manuel Flores

Boys and Girls Classes. An introduction to dance through the very popular hip hop style. There are two levels for boys to cater for juniors and Intermediates. Get down and let your dance moves out and let your boys dance.

Moving ARTS
(Ann Roberts Teaching in Schools)

Teachers - Jane Pirani, Jessica Grasso.

Established in 2005 this programme delivers dance workshops for schools. It also provides professional development services to teachers, carers and the broader community. Each year, Moving ARTS workshops are conducted in Townsville, and in regional centres of North Queensland.



The staff has a broad range of teaching experience in a wide variety of dance forms, and a genuine interest and concern for all students. Knowledge and experience is passed onto our students, whilst promoting a spirit of cooperation and friendliness both in the classroom and outside the studio.

Our teachers stay abreast of the developments in Dance by regularly attending seminars and performances. Our school currently has a teaching staff of eighteen and four assistants. As well, we have three office co-ordinators and a manager. The school employs specialist guest teachers regularly.


Video and photography are only allowed on "open days" and "display days," for examinations and eisteddfod/recital costume showing. It is against privacy and copyright laws to video or photograph children, other than your own, without the consent of the parent/guardian of the children involved.

NO videos or photographs are to be uploaded on to any social media.


Fees paid in the first two weeks of term attract 5% discount. Fees must be paid by the end of term or there is a $55 late fee. Second child receives 10% off and a third 12.5%. If the children learn more than 3 styles the fourth one is 50% off. The school has EFTPOS and direct debit facilities. The office is open from 9.00am every morning until 6.30pm. Please ring the office for prices


Participation in examinations is not compulsory but the involvement is encouraged as an incentive and a goal. Parents who wish their children to take examinations, must bring their child to the required lessons each week. Regular attendance is essential, particularly in the weeks preceding the exams, even if school holidays coincide with the preparation period. Examinations are an extra cost.


Children must attend classes neatly dressed in suitable attire – leotards, socks/tights and correctly fitted shoes for ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, highland and song and dance.

For examinations, dress standards are set by the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), theAustralian Dance Association Ltd (ADA) and the National Dancing Association (NDA). The regulation leotard for your child’s class is the same as is required for the exam. A list of requirements is available. First Class Dancewear, Anne Street, Aitkenvale has all of your dance wear needs. Costumes for the eisteddfod, highland competitions and recital are extra.

Hair is to be neatly done, close to the head. Long hair is to be pulled back and up off the neck and face. No jewellery is to be worn in class. The wearing of T-Shirts and track pants is not allowed.

A noticeboard is in the foyer of the main studio if you wish to advertise the sale of used clothing, shoes or costumes. There is also a Bulletin Board service on our website.


Recital Scene

ANNUAL RECITAL- Participation in the annual recital, which is held at the Civic Theatre in early December, is highly recommended but not compulsory. The students benefit greatly as well as thoroughly enjoying themselves on-stage. The school has a reputation of creating huge productions of the utmost excellence, producing performances such as Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, The Nutcracker, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.


EISTEDDFOD - Our school enters group items in the Eisteddfod. Participation in groups teaches students to work as a team and builds community spirit. Not all classes participate in groups work for the Eisteddfod. Participation in solos and duets is not compulsory. Please seek the advice of your child’s teacher before entering solos and duos, to ascertain your child’s suitability. Solo items require extra lessons, therefore extra costs for tuition, costumes and music. Any child wishing to enter solo items must attend the respective class of the particular type of dance he/she wishes to perform. The Eisteddfod is very beneficial for students, however it is important to familiarise yourself with our Eisteddfod policy before entering. This is available at the office.


TINY TOTS CONCERT - Our Tiny Tots concert is now an annual highlight. This is held in late October/ early November.

ULYSSES BUTTERFLY Every June Ulysses Butterfly produces a show at the Riverway Arts Centre. It is for students 18 and over and promotes the extraordinary talent of senior dancers in the school. Entrance to dance with Ulysses Butterfly is by invitation only.

ULYSSES 2 Ulysses 2 is comprised of 20 to 30 students aged between 11 and 18 who are serious about their dancing. They will perform in support of Ulysses Butterfly. Entrance is by audition only.

The school supports many different community organisations. Students perform at a variety of events including Arts and Cultural events and Friends of the Theatre concerts.


1. No smoking is allowed on the premises. This applies to the undercover area between the two studios, the waiting room and anywhere near children waiting outside.

2. A high standard of behaviour and cooperation is expected from students and parents at all times.

3. Chewing gum is not permitted on the premises. Food is not allowed in the studios. Water bottles are permitted and encouraged in the studios. Water coolers are provided.

4. Children are only to leave the studio with parents/carers, or an organised car pool. If a child is waiting for a parent they must wait inside the waiting room or the studio,  or outside the office.

5. Play on the hillside or in the open drain is strictly prohibited.

6. Belongings and valuables are not to be left unattended. Racks are provided to store those items during class.

Photos by Geraldine Poole of Glamour Look Studio, Jane Pirani and Chrissy Maguire

To foster a sense of appreciation,delight and love for the art of dance in all forms.
To provide an environment that is caring, artistic, generous in spirit and honest.
To develop a community cultural awareness in all students who will be the dancers and audience of today and tomorrow.



Moving ARTS




Moving ARTS




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